AeroPress was invented in 2005 by Alan Adler (source from Wikipedia). Since then it is widely acceptable and known for its versatile brewing method and easy to carry. There is a lot of different brew methods out there. Here’s some fundamental of AeroPress and what is Millilitre’s choice of brew method.

AeroPress Found : Alan Adler
Mr. Alan Adlar, Source : AeroPress

AeroPress is a Hybrid of immersion (immerse the coffee in hot water for a period of time, like French press/ Clever dripper) and filter brewing (V60 pour over). Which is very similar to Clever Dripper which we introduced before ( link please ), but the difference is that instead of gravity force, AeroPress used pressure when you press the plunge down with force (YES!! You need some strength to plunge it). 

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AeroPress give you an edge on top of that you are able to control the brewing time and strength by how strong you’re pressing it down, with your own preference choice of how fine you want on your ground coffee. The finer it is, the stronger you need to press it down. But thanks to this, it means you can brew your ground coffee from as fine as Espresso grind to as coarse as Cold Brew grind, which is why we said earlier that it is famous for it’s versatile brewing method. 

Aeropress Coffee maker with scale
AeroPress Coffee maker with grinder and scale.

Here is our basic recipe for our choice of Inverted brew method. 

Coffee : 15g medium grind size

Hot water : 240ml. 92oC

Total brew time : 1:30min

1) Rinse your AeroPress with hot water to warm it up.

2) Scoop 15g medium ground coffee into the chamber.

3) Pour 30g of water into the ground and let it sit for 30 seconds. Then pour the remaining of the water into the chamber.

4) After 1 minute, stir the coffee and agitate for 5-10 times with a spoon. 

5) tighten the cap with the filter (paper or metal). Ensure it is locked tightly into the groove. Flip the Aeropress over and place it on top of your mug ( you will need a sturdy mug / cup as you are going to apply pressure on it). 

6) Now let’s see if your gym payout !! Gently plunge it down, you will feel the resistance and strong pressure if your grind is too fine. Press it down until you hear HSSSSSSS… it means there is no more coffee inside the chamber.

7) You can remove your AeroPress, untight your cap and discard the ground coffee by pushing it out through the chamber. 

Enjoy your coffee !