Moka Pot is an awesome brewing tools to get great espresso without spending a a fortune on an espresso machine at your home, and it is simple to use, allowing you to brew a it easily and super easy to clean as well ! 

What you need?

  1. Awesome fresh ground coffee (fine ground)
  2. Moka Pot (6 cup) 
  3. Stove (Gas / Heat Induction)
  4. Scale

How to brew?

1) Fill your kettle with filtered boiled water – Most people will fill it with cold water which is a big NO NO! As while you are boiling your water, the metal will heat and “cooking” your ground coffee that is sitting in it. Resulting a strong metallic smell of the coffee, unless u boil it in a gentle slow heat. But that gonna take some time. You may use heated water to speed it up and avoid “cooked” the coffee

2) Fill the basket /funnel with ground coffee – Don’t over fill it. Make sure it is full enough and you can lock the pot on top of it (usually is around 25g) or you can fill it until is full then level it with your finger and lightly sweep the ground from the funnel lips. Do not tamp it as it will create too much pressure for the coffee later. If your ground coffee to too less, then it will underextract as it do not create enough pressure in the chamber for extraction, too much will be overextract. 

3) Tighten the upper part and bottom base of the pot

4) Place the pot on the stove. Avoid full blast the flame that will resulting the flame rise up from the side. You will want the flame to be contained and reach the bottom of your base only.

5) Wait for the coffee to boil and rich brown aromatic coffee will start flowing out of the center of the pot with a steady creamy foam. Halfway through it, you can close the lid, off the stove and let it sit for a while for the remaining coffee to flow out and also cool off the handle as it might be hot. After all if the coffee is too hot, you can’t taste it as well. 

Feel free to add water or milk as your personal preference.