55% Cocoa Dark Chocolate Powder

From RM13.50

The luxuriously deep flavour of Signature Dark Chocolate Drinking starts with aromatic intense cocoa to nose from the 55% high cocoa content. We then perfect it with the right ingredient to bring you this bittersweet sensation. Stir up some decadence with this velvety-smooth chocolate and savour the intensity you expect from us.


  • 55% Cocoa Content
  • Balanced sweetness with slight chocolate bitterness that doesn’t overwhelm while matched with a deeper roasted aroma.


  • High-quality, all-natural ingredients using pure cocoa beans.
  • 1-minute preparation. Just add hot water or milk to dissolve.

Direction :
Hot Chocolate
Add 25g of chocolate powder into cup, add 160ml hot water into cup and stir until it is fully dissolve. Enjoy your hot chocolate. Add milk, sugar or water according to your preference.

Iced Chocolate
Add 40g of chocolate powder into glass, add 200ml hot water into cup and stir until it is fully dissolved, add ice cube to fill the glass. Enjoy your refrehsing iced chocolate drinks.