Night Walker Drip Bag Coffee (12g x 10pkt)


This artisan blend combined Brazil and Ethiopia together beautifully to give a clean orange fruity acidity, with a toffee candy sweetness coffee that keep you going for another cup. You will find a touch of Macadamia nuts when it mixed with milk and slight orange skin zest.

This is the coffee that keep you awake at night, or wake you up at night for another cup of it.

Taste Note : Orange, Toffee Candy, Macadamia Nuts

Roast : Medium Roast

Region : Brazil  / Ethiopia

Roast Level : Medium

100% Natural coffee | No sugar | No artificial flavouring

Brewing Guide
: Drip Bag
Brew size : 180ml
Brew Time : Approximate 2 minute 15 seconds

  1. Shake and loosen the ground coffee inside the filter bag
  2. Tear off the top of the drip bag along the dotted line.
  3. Pull the hanger and hang it on your cup/mug
  4. Pour 24ml of hot water and let it bloom for 35 second.
  5. Pour the remaining 156ml and let is drip through the filter.
  6. Discard the bag , stirred the coffee and ENJOY!