Night Walker Espresso Blend

From RM22.00

This artisan blend combined Brazil and Ethiopia together beautifully to give a clean orange fruity acidity, with a toffee candy sweetness coffee that keep you going for another cup. You will find a touch of Macadamia nuts when it mixed with milk and slight orange skin zest. 

This is the coffee that keep you awake at night, or wake you up at night for another cup of it. 

Taste Note : Orange, Toffee Candy, Macadamia Nuts

Roast : Medium Roast

Region : Brazil  / Ethiopia  

Brewing Guide
: Espresso
Dose : 18g
Extract : 30ml / 30 grams
Time : 30-35 seconds
Water Temperature: 93 degrees

Recommend to use 210ml or 7oz cups for both black and milk based coffee. You may adjust your ratio according to your preference.