Sumatra Mandheling Drip Bag Coffee (12g x 10pkt)


Grown on the lofty volcanic slopes of Mount Leuser near the port of Padang, in the Batak region of west-central Sumatra.

This unique process results in Sumatra’s trademark flavor profile (low acidity, richness that lingers on the back of the palate, and a chocolate finish) and gives the green beans their signature color.

Triple-Picked by hand for defects. This extra quality control measure results in a very consistent cup that includes only cherries at optimum ripeness.

The cup has layered chocolate roast taste, moderate brightness, and juicy body. Cocoa powder and dark chocolate are accented by pulpy fruits and even strawberry. The finish has a slight dryness and bittersweet quality, reminiscent of Bakers Chocolate.

Sumatra – The Asia Hallmark of coffee.

Taste Note :  Chocolate, Strawberries, Dry Bittersweet finish.

Varietal : Catimor & Gayo 1

Roast Level : Medium Roast

Contain : 10 packet x 12g freshly ground coffee

100% Natural coffee | No sugar | No artificial flavouring

Brewing Guide
: Drip Bag
Brew size : 180ml
Brew Time : Approximate 2 minute 15 seconds

    1. Shake and loosen the ground coffee inside the filter bag
    2. Tear off the top of the drip bag along the dotted line.
    3. Pull the hanger and hang it on your cup/mug
    4. Pour 24ml of hot water and let it bloom for 35 second.
    5. Pour the remaining 156ml and let is drip through the filter.
    6. Discard the bag , stirred the coffee and ENJOY!