Yunnan Elixir Coffee Bean

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Grown amidst the stunning mountainous landscape of Chu Xiong, Yunnan. Our expertly roasted coffee bean – Yunnan Elixir – Showcases the unique flavour of black tea, dried mango and sugar cane. The medium roast brings out the smooth and well-balanced taste of this specialty coffee, making it a perfect choice for home-brewed coffee. Experience the exquisite aroma and flavor of Elixir Yunnan and take your coffee game to the next level.

Taste Note : Black Tea, Dried Mango, Molasses
Roast Level : Medium Roast
Varietal : Catimor

Brewing Guide
Method : Espresso
Dose : 20g
Extract : 30ml / 30 grams
Time : 30-35 seconds
Water Temperature : 93 degrees

Recommend to use 210ml or 7oz cups for both black and milk based coffee. You may adjust your ratio according to your preference.