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Ever wonder what can be done with used coffee ground beside discard it as waste? Here are some tricks for you to maximize your coffee value even after they provided you a cup a great joe and enrich your garden with this zero-waste solution !

V60 equipment

The V60 Brew method has become one of the widely used brewing method for both specialty coffee and home brewer around the world. WHY? It is due to the ability of barista can easily control the strength and body of the coffee with just a simple tweak : adjusting the grind size. Coarse grind will allow a lighter body and bright cup of coffee while finer grind resulting a heavier body and bold cup of coffee. Or by adjusting the water ratio.

Single malt. Single vineyard. Single origin.

These terms are usually synonymous with higher pedigree. Many of you might start to notice cafés that are promoting Single Origin Coffee, emphasising that their beans are cultivated at regions such as Ethiopia, Indonesia, Cuba and Honduras. What are the differences between Ethiopia and Indonesian beans? Does it justify the higher price tag attached with it?

Single origin coffee is defined by its region and provenance, and you can even trace a particular batch of handpicked coffee to its farm and the processing method used.

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