We like to enjoy a cup of coffee at it’s best to appreciate the effort from farmer and roaster. If it said Strawberries in their taste note, how we can extract the right flavour from it ? Wrongly extract coffee not only unable to deliver the taste that promised, it will also cause damage to customer perspective that this is a bad coffee that they bought.

Brewing coffee can be complex process and require a lot of attention to detail. We break it down to 4 important factors that play the biggest effect.

Brew Ratio

Brew ratio means how much coffee you are using and how much water you are applying in the extraction . Common ratio for hand brew such like Drip bag coffee, V60, Chemax, French press and etc are at 1:15 ratio (1g of coffee to 15ml of water) and 1:2 ratio for espresso.

Different brew method requires different brew ratio. The easiest way to experience it is with French press. Try different brew ratio and you will notice that higher brew ratio will create a weaker coffee body but some detail in the coffee will expose compare to a lower ratio which provide a stronger body but some detail like sweetness or fruity taste will be overwhelm by the roast and bitter taste.



99% of coffee is make from water. So it is so important that we ensure water quality is clean and useable for brewing. We recommend using filtered water with Ph level of 7. High acidity or alkaline water will alter the taste of the outcome and also using mineral water will make a different as the mineral composition will directly affect your water taste as well as coffee extraction.

Water Temperature

The standard water temperature is 92-96 degree Celsius as mention before. Too high water temperature will result in over extraction and too low will result under extraction. But sometimes we will use lower water temperature with a longer extraction time to get the result we wanted.

Sumatra Mandheling is supposed to be sweet and chocolatey. But if you are using boiling water, your result might be a harsh roasty and bitter coffee.

 Grind Size

Photo Credit : Pixabay

Grind Size

Grind size is the last thing we will touch after the previous 3 factors couldn’t deliver the result. Larger particles are for longer brewing time and finer particle are for shorter brewing time in the same water ratio category.

For example:  Ethiopia Sidamo V60 extraction is 2minutes 30 second for 15g of coffee with 225ml of water. 

If our brew time for it is at 3minutes mark, then we might need to get coarser grind size so that it will complete the extraction at 2min 30secs. Reason is that extra 30seconds, might caused over extract as ground coffee steeps in the hot water for longer time. Vice Versa.

Check out the grind chart to for quick understanding