Recyclable paper cup was used most the time for your takeaway coffee and some coffee shop decided to replace mug or cup with paper cup. Are these indicate that the industry moving towards green and environment friendly coffee culture? Let’s look into this.



How PAPER coffee cup become waterproof? As we all known that paper will start dissolve the moment it contact with water. It is because a tiny inner liner made of polyethylene that prevent water directly contact with paper material. In another word, it is plastic coated !! That’s why they don’t dissolve and breakdown while you can hold your liquid with you around. It is still recyclable product, but it is very rare due to the cost of separating this plastic cost and paper is costly and must be taking to special facilities before send for standard recycling plants.

Source from UK independent indicate that

“UK throws away 2.5 billion disposable coffee cups every year.

Less than 1 per cent of coffee cups are recycled

Half a million cups are littered every day”



To meet hygiene reason, most the paper cups are made from virgin pulp. Which mean : REAL TREE. NOT recycle material. “Because of our convenience culture, twenty million trees are cut down annually to manufacture paper cups (Source: Boston Globe)”. Yet deforestation has severe consequences for the health of our planet and contribute directly to global warming.


So, what can you do as coffee drinker that want to keep the planet healthy? The best option will be using a reusable cup.

1) Ask for a mug from your barista when they are prepared to serve you with paper cup.

2) Bring your own tumbler, travel mug for your coffee on the go order.

3) Raising awareness to your friends and family who using paper cup for drinks by sharing this info to them.



 Photo by Janko Ferlic from Pexels