The V60 Brew method has become one of the widely used brewing method for both specialty coffee and home brewer around the world. WHY? It is due to the ability of barista can easily control the strength and body of the coffee with just a simple tweak : adjusting the grind size. Coarse grind will allow a lighter body and bright cup of coffee while finer grind resulting a heavier body and bold cup of coffee. Or by adjusting the water ratio.

Let’s start the ball rolling! And see what you need for V60 brew.

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Let’s Brew !

  • Measure 12g of coffee and grind to Medium – fine. you are looking for slight coarser than your table salt. Don’t worry too much about what the exact grind size because you can always fine tune your grind size after your first cup.
  • Fold your V60 filter along the seam and place it on the V60. Rinse the filter with hot water to remove any unwanted taste from the paper. Once you rinse it, place your V60 over a cup and move it on to the scale, fill your v60 with ground coffee prepared earlier. Tare your scale now.
  • Pour 24 grams of hot water (92 degrees Celsius), from the centre of the filter and slowly swirl around the ground and allow it to bloom for 30seconds.
  • Start pouring another 100g water into the centre and circle outside. Let it drip through a while.
  • Start pouring the remaining 92g water into the centre of the filter slowly.
  • Take the V60 away, stir your coffee before serving.
  • Enjoy !

Your goal is to complete the extraction between 2minutes 30 second to 2 minutes 50second. There are no hard rules to be follow in brewing coffee. What’s more important is that you experiment every cup you brewed and enjoy it and see what’s need to be change for your next brew until you find your perfect brew ratio and method.