Believe most of us will have a question in our mind every time when we start to pick up brewing our own cup of coffee. How many water i need to add in to get the perfect taste from this coffee? End up, there will be be a few adjustment going on from cup to cup to get the right taste. So, let’s talk about coffee to water ratio to help you get the answer.

Brew Ratio

Brew ratio is simply known as Coffee to water ratio. The golden ration of the coffee is always depends on your brew type and also your personal preference. Most brewing method are somewhere around 1:15 - 1:18 ratio.

Obviously, 99% of coffee is water. The large number of the ratio will always refer to the amount of water in ml(millilitre). So if someone say the ratio is 1:15 it means 1 gram of coffee to 15 ml of water. An average coffee cup is 8 oz which is 240 ml, if we use the ratio of 1:15 you will need 16 g of coffee to get 240 ml. SCAA come out with the golden ratio of 1:18 which mean you only need 14 g of coffee for a 240 ml cup.

Now, the question is can this apply to all coffee bean? The answer is NO. Those number are just reference as mentioned earlier. You are the one take drink the coffee, you should have it according to your preference. But you can always do a sampling test to find out what your ratio for that particular bean. How to do it ?

Cupping coffee . Photo credit : Specialty Coffee Associate

Choose your brew ratio : You can always choose 3 -4 ratio and test it out do find what fit your the best. 1:12, 1: 15, 1:18, 1:20.

1. Label all the ratio : Label the ratio at all 4 cups so that you know what are you drinking.

2. Grind the coffee : Grind your coffee at your selected grind size base on your brew method. If you have no idea, check out our notes to know about it. Recommended will be Medium grind.

3. Heat and pour : Heat your water at 92 degree Celsius and pour it according to the ratio on each up. Let it sit for 3 minute.

4. After 3 minute, skim the top layer of the coffee cup. Now you should able to smell the flavor and pick up some notes from the nose.

5. Take a spoon and slurp each coffee. Yes SLURP. This will have the coffee to coat your palate and get a better and detail taste of the coffee. It will be best if you have a note with you to write down what you find out from it. Too strong, too weak, too acidity, too nutty to determine which is your favorite ratio.

Get a friend to do this with you so that you can have some fun and everyone can share their opinion as well.

*Banner photo credit : Royal Coffee